Plywood Four Edge Saw Machine
  • Plywood Four Edge Saw Machine

Plywood Four Edge Saw Machine

This equipment is one of the main equipment for the plywood manufacturers to complete the section. It is mainly used for the saw edge of artificial plates, such as multi-layer board, carpenter board, particleboard, density board and so on. The size of the saw edge is 36-48 sizes and adjustable, the machine speed is high, the size of the timber is standard and unified.

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1. Beijing Servo control system (absolute coordinate、absolute encoder) does not use any sensor, close switch, always with memory function (remember the position of the saw edge plate), and prevent board waste because of the failure of the sensor and close switch. Servo motor traction, two axis linkage, fast speed, large output, arbitrary program settings, two people operation, greatly reducing labor costs.

2. The size of the sawing side can be adjusted at any size 36-48.

3. Base is iron.Let machine runs smoothly and with high accuracy.circulating lubricating oil have long service life.

4. 8 saw shaft running, speed up to 8200 rpm, underlined function, fully solve the rendering, burr, burr, core pulling phenomenon, sawing smooth, without polishing.

5. Infrared positioning, automatic platoon, load track saw edge, four cylinder positioning, high edge straightness, no corner phenomenon.

6. Automatic lifting platform, automatic stacking. The installation of lifting platen limiting device has completely solved the problem of uneven packing.

7. The automatic saw machine has the effect of dust removal from top to bottom.

Technical parameters:
Model No.JS36-48-2-B
Processing length & width915-1220mm  1830-2440mm
Processing thickness3-60mm
Loading speed0 -30m/min
Sawing blade diameter305mm
Sawing blade working speed6200rpm/min
First saw motor power15kw
Second saw motor power15kw
Servo motor power4.8kw
Bottom line saw cutting motor power3kw
Board lifter motor power37.8kw
Total power6000kg
Total weight7000*5000*1800mm

Contacter: David Tam




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