Net Belt Drier
  • Net Belt Drier

Net Belt Drier

The mesh belt dryer consists of several independent unit sections. Mesh belt dryer is a closed-belt dryer. Its feature is that only the feed end and the discharge end are open, and the others are closed. Hot air flows through the equipment and the heat loss is low, which can save a lot of energy.

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1. The equipment is flexible in configuration, and there are many materials for drying at one time, and it can be continuously produced and dried, which is convenient to use and greatly reduces labor.

2. The structure is simple, easy to install, can run for a long time, can enter the interior of the box for maintenance when the fault occurs, and the maintenance is convenient.

Technical parameters:
Working width(m)2.8
Heating chamber section4
Cooling chamber section1
Length of each section(m)2
Width per section(m)4
Transmission motor power4KW
Fan power34KW
Transmission speed0-20m
Heating mediumSteam or heat conducting oil

Contacter: David Tam




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