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Cold Press

The cold press is mainly subjected to cold pressing for a short time to be initially formed, and then sent to a hot press for hot pressing and gluing. It is an important equipment for improving the quality of plywood and is an important part.

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1. The main frame adopts high-quality national standard steel plate to be welded at one time. The Simple but strong structure, reasonable design, great rigidity, big undertaking strength.

2. The use of domestic high-quality oil cylinders, the main components are selected imported hydraulic parts, to ensure a long service life

3. The use of automatic hydraulic control system, precise pressure control, short pressurization cycle, high work efficiency.

Technical parameters:
Board feeding directionTransverse
Layer space1800mm
Working table size1370*2700MM
Cylinder stroke1050mm
Overall dimension3550*1370*4200MM
Total weight13000KGS
Working methodAutomatic
Composite frameAssembled
Upper and bottom beam900mm
Middle beam400mm
Frame thickness35mm

Contacter: David Tam




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