Cold Press With Upper Cylinder
  • Cold Press With Upper Cylinder

Cold Press With Upper Cylinder

The plywood cold press is mainly subjected to cold pressing for a short time to be initially formed, and then sent to a hot press for hot pressing and gluing, this machine will be equipped with automatic loading and unloading conveyor, more saving the labors, convenient and quick for plywood production process. It is an important equipment for improving the quality of plywood and is an important part.

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1. The main frame adopts high-quality national standard steel plate to be welded at one time. Simple but strong structure, reasonable design, great rigidity, big undertaking strength.

2. The use of domestic high-quality oil cylinders, the main components are selected imported hydraulic parts, to ensure a long service life.

3. The use of automatic hydraulic control system, precise pressure control, short pressurization cycle, high working efficiency.

Technical parameters:
Board feeding directionTransverse
Layer space1800mm
Working table size1370*2700MM
Cylinder stroke1050mm
Overall dimension3550*1370*4200MM
Total weight13000KGS
Working methodAutomatic
Composite frameAssembled
Upper and bottom beam900mm
Middle beam400mm
Frame thickness35mm

Contacter: David Tam




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